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Georgian Essentials 3-Pack


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Three of our most popular spice blends in one specially priced package.

Svanetian Salt:
From high in the mountains of Georgia’s Svaneti region comes this flavorful spice blend. It is an extremely versatile mix, traditionally used to season a variety of meat, potato, fish and soup dishes.

In Georgia, adjika is used as a spicy complement to a variety of dishes: from meat to potatoes, vegetables to breads. Our adjika is freshly ground for us in southern Georgia and adds a medium-spicy burst of Georgian flavor to many of your favorite foods.

Khmeli Suneli:
A salt-free blend containing the three spices that together form the foundation of the Georgian flavor profile: kindzi (coriander), utskho suneli (blue fenugreek) and zaprana (crushed marigold flowers). It adds depth and complexity to many of your favorite foods, and is especially good when used to season soups and stews.

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Weight 7.8 oz